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Tables forNumberLast updateVisits (%)
Sony PlayStation42004/24/20172.53
Sony PlayStation 229411/04/20172.39
Sega Genesis (MegaDrive)42611/04/20172.02
Nintendo (NES) (Famicom) (Dendy)39007/20/20171.38
PC-Engine (TurboGrafx-16)14208/05/20160.99
Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)4704/09/20160.88
Sega Dreamcast3705/23/20140.83
Nintendo Wii1806/14/20150.79
Sega Model 23506/10/20120.75
Super Nintendo (SNES)37607/16/20170.72
Game Boy Advance12508/02/20160.51
PC-Engine CD (TurboGrafx-CD)6404/10/20100.50
Sega Naomi3910/21/20120.45
Sega Saturn4204/18/20170.45
Sega Game 1000303/06/20150.42
Sega Mega-CD4711/08/20140.41
Sega Model 31811/28/20120.31
Nintendo GameCube4210/23/20130.30
Nintendo DS2802/10/20130.27
Sammy Atomiswave704/08/20120.27
Capcom Play System 3506/14/20120.27
Nintendo 645912/19/20120.24
PK-01 Lvov5506/06/20160.23
Panasonic 3DO4606/15/20130.22
Sony ZN-1/ZN-2/PSX based (ZiNc)2004/23/20140.22
Capcom Play System 13106/14/20120.19
Sega Master System12707/31/20160.16
Game Boy Color7503/05/20150.16
Atari 8-bit (400/800/XL/XE)9602/13/20130.14
ZX Spectrum 1281103/09/20150.14
Capcom Play System 23006/14/20120.13
Tiger Game.com602/21/20150.13
ZX Spectrum2304/03/20170.13
NeoGeo Pocket Color1902/28/20150.12
Sega 32X1011/08/20140.09
Nintendo Virtual Boy803/06/20120.09
Sharp X68000906/28/20120.09
Atari ST706/28/20120.09
Sega Game Gear2003/06/20150.09
NeoGeo CD1404/10/20100.09
Atari Jaguar802/20/20130.08
Philips CD-i710/13/20130.08
Midway V/Y/T/X/Wolf Unit System2712/01/20120.08
Jaleco Mega System 321005/29/20120.08
Atari 78002203/26/20150.08
Amiga CD32705/10/20150.08
Psikyo SH2802/13/20130.07
Commodore 646507/15/20160.07
Atari 52003604/02/20130.07
Sega System 162006/14/20120.07
Wonderswan Color810/13/20120.07
PolyGame Master1312/06/20120.06
MSX 2712/12/20100.06
Atari Lynx1902/22/20130.05
Taito F3 System (F3 Cybercore System)2001/31/20130.04
Jaleco Mega System 12105/21/20120.04
Atari 26002103/13/20150.03

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