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 N DateGameEmulatorAuthor
13208/09/2011Famicom Mini Vol 06 Pac-ManJnes 0.6Timur Abdukov
13310/13/2016Fantastic Adventures of DizzyNestopia Unofficial 1.41.1RVD
13408/09/2016FaxanaduMednafen x64
13510/23/2012Final Mission (Action in New York)VirtualNES 0.97Kain
13606/20/2007Fist of the North Star (Northern Ken)VirtualNES 0.92iddqd
13706/20/2007Flying Dragon: The Secret ScrollVirtualNES 0.92iddqd
13806/08/2007Formation ZVirtualNES 0.92iddqd
13909/30/2007Foton: The Ultimate Game on Planet EarthVirtualNES 0.92iddqd
14008/09/2011Free FallJnes 0.6Timur Abdukov
14107/10/2007Freedom ForceVirtualNES 0.92iddqd
14208/04/2008Front LineVirtualNES 0.92iddqd

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