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 N DateGameEmulatorAuthor
105/22/2018Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO)Gens 2.14h00060
204/01/2018Knuckles ChaotixKegaFusion 3.64Sevirman
311/04/2017Power DriveGens32 Surreal 1.86 HDToksedo
408/14/2017Michael Jackson's MoonWalkerGens 2.14PATRIOT
503/04/2017Demolition ManGens 2.14pipindor666
609/04/2016Wings of WorMednafen x64
708/28/2016Skeleton KrewMednafen x64
808/06/2016Light CrusaderMednafen x64
908/04/2016Warriors of the Eternal SunMednafen x64
1002/04/2016Shining ForceKegaFusion 3.63Lord13
1103/06/2015Beauty and the Beast: Roar of the BeastKegaFusion 3.64Orochi Roll
1203/06/2015Beauty and the Beast: Belle's QuestKegaFusion 3.64Orochi Roll
1302/20/2015Super Street Fighter 2: The New ChallengersKegaFusion 3.64Orochi Roll
1402/20/2015Art of FightingKegaFusion 3.64Orochi Roll
1502/20/2015Street Fighter 2: Special Champion EditionKegaFusion 3.64Orochi Roll
1608/27/2013Yie Ar Kung-FuKegaFusion 3.64sstsg12
1708/19/2013Mortal Kombat 5 (Mortal Combat 5)KegaFusion 3.64sstsg12
1808/10/2013FlashbackKegaFusion 3.64sstsg12
1908/08/2013WWF Wrestlemania ArcadeKegaFusion 3.64sstsg12
2005/10/2013Phantasy Star 4: The end of the millenniumGens 2.14Lord13
2105/08/2013Phantasy Star 3: Generations of Doom (RUS)Gens 2.14Lord13
2205/04/2013Sol-DeaceGens 2.14iddqd
2303/21/2013Toejam and Earl in the Panic on FunkotronKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
2403/21/2013StriderKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
2503/21/2013CrossfireKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
2603/21/2013Rambo 3Gens 2.14iddqd
2702/16/2013Killing Game ShowKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
2812/25/2012OozeRegen 0.972DArtMoney Team
2912/06/2012Valis SDKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
3012/06/2012Valis IIIKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
3112/06/2012ValisKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
3210/13/2012Steel EmpireKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
3310/11/2012Strider 2KegaFusion 3.64iddqd
3409/27/2012Goofy's Hysterical History TourKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
3509/27/2012Decap AttackKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
3608/13/2012Wonder Boy V: Monster World IIIKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
3708/13/2012WarlockKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
3808/13/2012Wanderers from YsKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
3908/13/2012Honoo no Toukyuuji Dodge DanpeiKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
4008/13/2012Dashin' DesperadoesKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
4106/28/2012Smurfs 2KegaFusion 3.64iddqd
4206/28/2012Final ZoneKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
4306/28/2012ExileKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
4406/28/2012Blades of VengeanceKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
4506/14/2012Snake Rattle and RollKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
4606/14/2012Double DragonGens Movie 11a 15MHz_13MB_Romiddqd
4706/14/2012Captain Planet and the PlaneteersKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
4806/14/2012BomboyKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
4905/04/2012ToysKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
5005/04/2012Revenge of Fu ManchuKegaFusion 3.64iddqd

ArtMoney Tables (AMT cheat codes)
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