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 N DateGameEmulatorAuthor
111/08/2014Star Wars ArcadeKegaFusion 3.64Pat
202/19/2013Brutal Unleashed: Above the ClawKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
302/19/2013Doom 32XKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
412/19/2012TempoKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
512/19/2012Spider: Man Web of Fire 32XKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
612/19/2012Mortal Kombat 2KegaFusion 3.64iddqd
709/27/2012WWF RAWKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
809/27/2012WWF Wrestlemania ArcadeKegaFusion 3.64iddqd
909/22/2012Metal Head 32XKegaFusion 0.1diddqd
1011/17/2010Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure 32XGens 2.14iddqd

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