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 N DateGameEmulatorAuthor
101/15/2017Super Probotector: The Alien RebelsMednafen x64
206/18/2016New Horizons: Uncharted Waters 2ZSnesW 1.51CaptainMelon
303/07/2015Dragon: The Bruce Lee StorySnes9x 1.53 x64Orochi Roll
403/07/2015Darius TwinSnes9x 1.53 x64Orochi Roll
503/07/2015Congo's CaperSnes9x 1.53 x64Orochi Roll
603/05/2015Street Fighter 2: The World WarriorSnes9x 1.53 x64Orochi Roll
702/28/2015SlayersSnes9x 1.53nya
801/10/2015Wario's WoodsZSnesW 1.51Uskov Evgeni
909/12/2014ActRaiserZSnesW 1.51Lord13
1002/01/2014Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastZSnesW 1.51Lord13
1110/27/2013ZoolSnes9x 1.53 x64Alonix
1203/21/2013Ms. Pac-ManZSnesW 1.51iddqd
1312/19/2012Steven Seagal is The Final Option DemoZSnesW 1.51iddqd
1412/06/2012Super Valis VI (Super Valis - Akaki Tsuki no Otome)ZSnesW 1.51iddqd
1510/13/2012Lethal WeaponSnes9x Git 20121010iddqd
1608/27/2012Lode Runner Twin: Justy to Liberty no DaiboukenBSnes 0.91iddqd
1708/27/2012Kirby's Dream CourseBSnes 0.91iddqd
1808/27/2012Kirby's AvalancheBSnes 0.91iddqd
1908/27/2012Asterix and ObelixBSnes 0.91iddqd
2006/14/2012Ren and Stimpy Show: Fire DogsSNESGT 0.230 beta 7iddqd
2106/14/2012Gunforce Battle Fire Engulfed Terror IslandSNESGT 0.230 beta 7iddqd
2205/31/2012ClaymatesZSnesW 1.50Uskov Evgeni
2305/29/2012GS Mikami: Joreishi wa or Nice body (J)ZSnesW 1.51Uskov Evgeni
2412/23/2011Addams FamilyBsnes-SX2 v008iddqd
2506/25/2011Mickey no Tokyo Disneyland DaiboukenBSnes 0.88iddqd
2604/02/2011WarpSpeedSNES9x-rr 1.43 luav2 SVN r194iddqd
2712/12/2010UntouchablesZSnesW 1.51iddqd
2812/12/2010Sky BlazerZSnesW 1.51iddqd
2912/12/2010Pocky & RockyZSnesW 1.51iddqd
3010/07/2010Zombies: at My NeighborsZSnesW 1.51iddqd
3109/04/2010Wolverine: Adamantium RageZSnesW 1.51iddqd
3209/04/2010StargateZSnesW 1.51iddqd
3309/04/2010No EscapeZSnesW 1.51iddqd
3409/04/2010Michael Jordan Chaos in the Windy CityZSnesW 1.51iddqd
3509/04/2010BlackHawk (BlackThorne)ZSnesW 1.51iddqd
3609/04/2010WhirloZSnesW 1.51iddqd
3709/04/2010Super Ninja BoyZSnesW 1.51iddqd
3809/04/2010Super Ninja-kunZSnesW 1.51iddqd
3906/01/2010RocketeerZSnesW 1.51iddqd
4006/01/2010Kirby Super StarZSnesW 1.51iddqd
4106/01/2010Donald Duck Mahou no BoushiZSnesW 1.51iddqd
4204/29/2010Zennihon GT SenshukenZSnesW 1.51iddqd
4304/29/2010Test Drive 2: the DuelZSnesW 1.51iddqd
4404/29/2010Stunt Race FXZSnesW 1.51iddqd
4504/29/2010Sonic Blast Man 2ZSnesW 1.51iddqd
4604/29/2010Redline F-1 Racer (Aguri Suzuki F-1 Super Driving)ZSnesW 1.51iddqd
4704/29/2010HurricanesZSnesW 1.51iddqd
4804/29/2010Biker Mice From MarsZSnesW 1.51iddqd
4904/29/2010Battle Grand PrixZSnesW 1.51iddqd
5004/29/2010Ardy LightfootZSnesW 1.51iddqd

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