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 N DateGameAuthor
105/22/2018Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe v1.00h00060
205/22/2018Soldiers of Empires 2h00060
305/22/2018Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacyh00060
405/22/2018Sexy Beach - Premium Resort x64 v4.6.7.12281826h00060
505/22/2018Settlers 2: Awakening of Culturesh00060
605/22/2018Rush for Berlinh00060
705/22/2018Pre-Civilization: Marble Ageh00060
805/22/2018Planar Conquesth00060
905/22/2018Parkan 2h00060
1005/22/2018Order of Battle: World War 2h00060
1105/22/2018Order of Battle: Pacifich00060
1305/22/2018Empires of Steelh00060
1405/22/2018Close Combat: Panthers in the Fogh00060
1505/22/2018Close Combat: Gateway to Caenh00060
1605/22/2018Battle Fleet 2 v1.15h00060
1705/22/2018Advanced Tactics: Gold Editionh00060
1804/28/2018Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky v1.01 GOG 2018-04-22Richard
1903/23/2018Legends of Eisenwald v1.31ArtMoney Team
2003/20/2018Homeworld: Emergence (Cataclysm)Samuel
2103/15/2018Tropical Liquoraxyd
2203/14/2018Plague Inc: Evolved v1.15.3number_nine
2303/11/2018Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2 v1.2 GOGRichard
2403/08/2018ATOM RPG x64 v0.6.6anumber_nine
2503/07/2018Slime Rancher (The Lab)victshu
2602/27/2018Warcraft 3 v1.26number_nine
2702/26/2018Tales of Berseria (Steam Feb-3-2017)JockerUFO
2802/19/2018C&C 4: Tiberian Twilight v1.3number_nine
2902/19/2018Alien Shooter TD v1.2.6number_nine
3002/17/2018Sonic Mania (Steam 2018-02-17)Andrei Fedoruk (AF2)
3102/15/2018ELEX v1.0.2995 GOGRichard
3202/14/2018H~S: Horizontal Shooter (Jayenkai)Nurglath
3302/02/2018Running with Rifles v1.62number_nine
3401/31/2018Mobiloid v1.0number_nine
3501/28/2018Gear That WorksNurglath
3601/28/2018C&C 3: Kane's Wrath v1.02number_nine
3701/28/2018C&C 3: Tiberium Wars v1.09number_nine
3801/23/2018This War Of Mine v4.0.0 (u1)number_nine
3901/18/2018Titan Quest: Ragnarok - Anniversary Edition v1.48number_nine
4001/14/2018Styx: Shards of Darkness (64-bit)Richard
4101/12/2018They Are BillionsRedMai
4201/06/2018Little Big Adventure 2UlyssesTH
4312/18/2017Jurassic Park: Operation Genesisnumber_nine
4411/23/2017Emperor: Battle For Dune v1.04 (no dma)ArtMoney Team
4511/23/2017Emperor: Battle For Dune v1.09 (no dma)ArtMoney Team
4611/22/2017Emperor: Battle For Dune v1.04number_nine
4711/04/2017Nexus: The Jupiter IncidentToksedo
4811/04/2017Battle of the YoustrassToksedo
4911/04/2017Battle Brothers (build
5010/30/2017Bomber Crew v27.10.2017number_nine

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