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ArtMoney is available in two editions: SE (Special Edition FREEWARE) and PRO (Professional Edition). ArtMoney v8 PRO Edition costs only $24.90 for one user. Registered users get free updates and get full technical support via email for five years. PRO Edition contains extra features. It gives you almost 100% result! Only registered users get full technical support and can use all extra features. Benefits of registration include:
  • Extra feature: Disassembler and debugger displays window with list of assembly instruction. You can set your breakpoints. Built-in debugger handles breakpoints. You can set debugger type in Options. You can set your breakpoint, and when the breakpoint is reached, the debugger breaks (stops to execute selected process). You can view registers and flags when debugger stops a process. Also you can edit registers and flags. The program can load symbols from your folder. You can set your name for address and function. You can Save/Load debug information.
  • Extra feature: Find an instruction that's accessing the address window. You can find an assembly instruction that's writing the address and replace with NOP instruction (Do Nothing instruction) and value of the address will not be changed. Use it when can not find pointer for the address.
  • Extra feature: You can select a folder (or a disk) as object. For example, you can scan a game folder for files that contain your money in the game. You can scan a disk, folder for files that contain your text string or another value.
  • Extra feature: Additional filter conditions (>,<,<>,>=,<=). For example, you can use the filter condition <> (not equal) to filter values that are not equal 0. By that you will decrease total time of a search.
  • Extra feature: You can search for text strings. The strings like a name of hero, a name of city, a name of weapon or a game script (for some script-based online games).
  • Extra feature: Filtering by formula. The most powerful search method! You will find any coded value!
  • Extra feature: Saving and loading a process. You can use it for saving in a game, if the game has no save function. Limitations: You can not restart the process. It works only in one level for big games. This feature does not work in some games.
  • Extra feature: Stealth mode. ArtMoney disappears from the process list and from Windows list of operating system. Some games detect ArtMoney when you are trying to cheat. Enable the Stealth mode and the game will not detect it.
  • Extra feature: Special option "Use own functions for access to memory". Set it to bypass any protection of memory. ArtMoney will use its own service for access to memory. Use it if ArtMoney can not open a process or read a memory.
  • Extra feature: Search for structures. A structure is a composite type. It is composed of variables that can have different types. For example, a structure of hero in a game contains hero attributes - health, experience, level, power, dexterity and accuracy. The user can generate a structure automatically from the opened table or can create it manually. The structure can contain skipped bytes between variables (ArtMoney can skip unknown attributes in the structure). Search for structures is an easy way to defeat DMA (if you have found some valid addresses and now they are not valid). You can find your structure easily without filtration and then use the "Auto apply the offset" command.
  • Extra feature: Scanner for Pointer-to-Pointer structure up to 5 level (Maximum 2 level for SE edition).
  • All nag screens will be removed.
  • Full technical support via email. Notification of all upgrades via email.
You can register on-line at You will get your registration code via email, so make sure that you enter your email address correctly. You should allow up to 48 hours to receive your registration code from the time your registration is processed, though it would be unusual if it took this long. Be patient, you will get your registration code. If you haven't received your registration code after a reasonable amount of time, please notify us at

VIP edition is an exclusive personal version of ArtMoney PRO. We will create a personalized version for our customer and rename the program, program file, process name, window name, service name, etc. ArtMoney PRO VIP edition is absolutely undetectable by other programs or games. ArtMoney VIP Edition costs $49.90 for one user. Upgrades of VIP edition are not free! Click here to buy VIP edition..
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