Game Cheater ArtMoney 7.21. Funny Tricks. (Oct 17, 2006 11:57)

Game cheating is not so fair, but sometimes it’s a very joyful thing. When you have hundreds of monsters in the next room, and only five ammos — is it a fair play? So, who can blame you for such a natural wish of having five THOUSANDS of ammos or, better one big bad RPG? There are much more examples — like «not enough money» in strategy games, or «not enough mana», or «not enough experience» and so on, and so forth. Some games have their own cheats built-in by vendors, but it is rare, limited, and in any case, you’ll never know these cheats easily.

Game Cheater ArtMoney allows enjoying really cool cheating. That will require some of your work, but in return will allow you to cheat virtually any game. The principle of the cheating is simple and genius: while you are playing, you pause your game and tell ArtMoney: «I’m playing the game MyCoolGame and have 145 ammos, look it up!» Then the program locates the place in the memory where values like 145 are stored and allows you to change that value and look how the game reacts. This legal, universal, and almost-always-working principle allows you to play all your favorite games in-fi-ni-te-ly. ArtMoney’s website has thousands of user-provided «tables» — correct memory addresses for famous games, so, in general case, you even need no investigation. But, even if investigating should be necessary, ArtMoney will provide you with very advanced tools, which will let you search memory for even encoded values.