NKK:This is a "manual" to use ArtMoney in "Evil Islands".

For example I will hack the stamina of a fireball spell .
Start up evil islands and put a spell (not fireball wich you have in your inventory) for example readymade from the store, feeblemind or something, on the spell constructor and remember the stamina (different from your fireball spell). Then, go to windows using alt + tab. Start up artmoney and go to options (only first time) --) additional and change 1000 into 65000. Now hit search and change ( only first time) integer into custom, now you should uncheck interger 1 byte, integer 2 byte and check float 4 bytes--) so now you should have checked only integer 4 bytes and float 4 bytes.
Hit ok, now type in the stamina of your spell wich is in your spell constructor. When you have searched , you should have a list at the left of the screen, now hit the green arrow and return to evil islands. Put the spell you want to hack on your spell constructor and return to windows. Hit sieve and type in the stamina of your fireball spell. Now you should have 1 thing on the left side. (if not the program and evil islands should be restarted or you just cant hack that part of the spell. For example you cant hack the area of fireball). Hit clear. Hit load and search the things that you should download here. --)
Now you should right-click on the second thing and hit "auto offset apply". You must do that with the second thing because stamina is the second property on the spell. Now you should right-click again and hit edit. Check freeze and type in the stamina you want. (probably 0). Go to evil islands and take the spell off the spell constructor. Now the stamina should be 0.I recently discovered that you can put all other spells on and off the spell constructor ( you might need to do that several times with some spells) and all stamina will change to 0. You better make first all the spells (because you can't deconstruct the spell after you hacked it--) the hack-effect would dissapear).If you want to hack weapons or armor you just do thesame with the item constructor.

--) Download evil islands spell, armor and weapon tables at this site.
P.S. right-click on the tables and select save as..

If you want to dupe. something just put 7 of those items on the spells or item shop and search for 7. Then take two away. Then sieve for 5. You should have 1 property on the left. Load evil-islands spell table. Right-click difficulty hit auto offset apply. And change the value!
To get 7 you should copy.

Go to your evil islands folder , select mp and copy the files.(your multiplayer char.) give the copy a number. Find someone to keep the stuff of your copy char. And let him give the stuff to your normal char.

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