Money-cheat in Corsairs

I discovered how to edit money with a program called ArtMoney. Start Corsairs, buy something, Alt-Tab to the desktop while in a game, then start ArtMoney, from the pull-down menu select Corsairs, then click Search, enter the value of what your money (in the ship!) is, and click Find or something like that. It should come up with one value, if it comes up with more, you should do it again from the beginning. When it finds just one value, add it to the right-window and edit the amount. You can also freeze your money, then, when you buy or build something, your money always returns to the frozen ammount. I haven't figured out how to make my captain or ships indestructible yet, I'm still playing around with it, but the money-cheat works. Artmoney can be found here :

I said that you had to keep searching until it found only one value. But in fact, it can find more locations with the same value. This is not very important, because in the list in the left-window it will show all the things with the value that you're looking for. To edit your money, you need the one that says something about 4-digit. All the other things with the same value in that list say something about 2-digit, these are not important.

(c) Cornholio, Jan 25, 2002
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