Art Money Cheat

With this trainer you can change the amount of money your club has. First, you will have to download the trainer by clicking here.

Step 1
Open up TCM 2003 and start a new game or load a saved game.

Step 2
Next go to the Finances screen (The one which gives you the option to sell stadium rights and go public) and click on Assets (on the top right corner with the loans and accounting journal).

Step 3
Now, copy down the bank balance (circled in the screenshot below) and then make sure to leave the finances screen or else the game will crash (and may cause problems with the save game after).

Step 4
Minimize the game buy holding down Alt+Tab (on the keyboard). Click Select Process and choose TCM 2003 from the drop down menu.

Step 5
After that, press the search button in the top area of Art Money. A new window will appear, type the bank balance in the text box marked as "Value". Leave the Search as "Exact Value" and Type as "Integer". Press OK.

Step 6
One integer should appear, if there is more than one than write down the "Address" of each of the results that appeared. Go back into the game and spend some money (eg. Buy a building). Repeat Steps 3-5 and once you have searched again look for the "Address" which matches one of the ones you copied down earlier. Once you know which is the correct one double click on it. It will then appear on the right. Click on the the number under the "Value" column and change that value to the amount of money you want. For example, if you want 100 million you would enter in "100000000" without the quotation marks.

Step 7
Return back to the game. Once you re-open the finance screen you should see that the bank balance has changed... Enjoy!

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