CM4 - Boost all player stats up to 20 !

Follow this instructions below to boost all of your player stats in CM4 up to 20. This guide is written by Stevanus Lioni  All you need are a copy of CM4 of course, ArtMoney v6.25 or above, and a PlayerStats table for ArtMoney made by Synthespian. Get the ArtMoney software from Now get ready for the tutorial :

  1. Start CM4 and load your Saved Game. Wait until its all finished.

  2. Chose the player that you desire to boost his stats. Now write down his stats like :

    Acceleration, SetPieces, Strength, Stamina, Pace, Jumping, Influence.

    (Just remember this order)

  3. Press ALT-TAB to go back to your desktop. Run ArtMoney v6.25 or better.

  4. Click on Load button to load the table called p_stats.amt. And you will see someting like this :

    Please note that this table is provided by Synthespian. You can download this table from : 

  5. Select process and dropdown list will appear like this :

    Now select Championship Manager 4 like you see above.

  6. Now click Search button located on top-left corner of the ArtMoney interface :

  7. A new pop-up window will appear. Click on the Search dropdown list and choose Sequence of values like this :

  8. Enter the search  Number of values to 7 as you see on the picture below :

  9. Click OK and a new window will appear like this :

  10. Now input the 7 values on the window with the player stats that you have written like in step-2 above :

    Once again! Remember the order.

  11. Click OK and let the Search begin!

    You will get 1 or more result(s). Remember, the more fewer the result the better you will find which one your player is. Well this time, i got only one result, so that must be my player. So let's continue the tutorial.

  12. On the right-hand-side window, highlight Acceleration by clicking on it only once (remember! not double-click)

  13. Now press ALT-A on your keyboard to transfer your player stats to the table :

    Feel free to edit your player stats. Some will be visible as 20, some other will be 255.

  14. Now go back to your CM4,  click on whatever button to change the screen. And go back to your player stats screen. And see the result !

This cheat will not last very long if your player "Potential Ability" is not 200 or -2. Also set the Current Ability to 200 too! Remember, i am not not responsible on what will happen to your CM4, savedgame, or your computer. Do this at your own risk.

That's all folks! Once again thanks to Synthespian for making the PlayerStats table. Thanks to Artyom Mikhailov for making Game Cheater ArtMoney. Thanks to  SI Games for making CM4 and Eidos for distributing it. And finally, me, Stevanus Lioni say many thanks to those who reads this tutorial and find it useful.