Hi everybody,

I've searched the net for a player editor for NHL Eastside Fe, but i couldn't find anyone.
So in a cold and dark night, i've decided to open ArtMoney and edit those damn player attributes.
After heavy work and experimenting (at least two hours) i've created a table with all the attributes, age and so on.
The only thing not yet editable is player status and wage. (i've found a way but is very difficult to do).

ArtMoney Player table by Piponeillungo82

To find a player follow this

1 - Open NHLEHMFE and load/create a game
2 - If You haven't done it already, choose Game Options -> Game Setup -> Screen Mode -> Windowed. Also select Measurement as Metric
3 - Open ArtMoney and load the table.
4 - Retun to EHM and select the player to edit.
5 - Write down Acceleration, Aggression, Agility, Bravery, Height

6 - Go to Artmoney and choose Search -> Sequence of Values -> Number of Values (3) ->Type Integer

7 - Value 1 (Acceleration) - Value 2 (Aggression) - Value 3 (Agility) and hit ok

8 - ArtMoney will find a bunch of address.
9 - Choose the first, choose acceleration in the table, right click on it. Choose More -> Auto apply the offset -> Autoapply the offset to all (or just use ALT + A shortcut).

10 - Check if bravery and height are the same as the player.

11 - Happy Editing!!!!
12 - Some values are weird - more then 200. I haven't figured the formula yet, but i know that 127 is 20.
13 - To edit Adaptability - Ambition ecc... we have to follow another way.
14 - We must search the birth date.
15 - Just notice Kariya birth date (16.10.74)
16 - Start to count the days (January 31 - February 28 ecc..) 31+28+31+30+31+30+31+31+30+16=289. We must subtract 1 because 1984 is not a leap year. Total 288.
17 - In ArtMoney we must Search -> Sequence of Value -> Number of Values (2)
18 - Value 1 (288) - Value 2 (1974) <- Year of Birth
19 - Now select Day + Month of Birth in the table.
20 - ALT + A (same as above) all the address found until we find the same determination as player.

21 - We can ever make Kariya a teenager, just edit the birth year and years.
22 - If you have done so, you may have noticed that his picture is vanished.
23 - To restore it, you can change again is birth year to 1974 or you can go in your main NHLEHM directory -> data -> pictures -> players and search for "Paul Kariya". Copy the file and rename it as Paul_Kariya_xx_xx_xxxx.ehg where the xs are his new birth date.
24 - You now have a young Paul Kariya with picture!!!

This is all for now. Stay tuned for updates. Feedback are appreciated.