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  Help Guides - Championship Manager 4

Help Guides HQ
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  Using the ArtMoney Editor

How to use the ArtMoney? Very simply!!

Cm Money Editor instructions: READ CAREFULLY

First run the RAR file you download
then install it to the default directory given

After installation is complete, the program should autostart. If
not just locate it in your start menu.

Start up CHAMP MAN 4 - Load your saved game

In the program, there is a drop down list that is labelled
"Select Process", change it to Champ Man 4 which will now
be visible after you have started the program.

Then click the search icon top left.

Leave the search option on 'EXACT VALUE'.
Make sure the 'Type' option is set to 'INTEGER (STANDARD)'

Now, the middle of the 3 search options is 'Value'. Here you have to go
into CM4 and find the exact value of your finances. For example
Man Utds would be 23056612 - leave out commas and currency signs.

Once you have entered this into the value field, click OK.

After it has finished searching, click on the Small Green Arrow in the
middle of the program, that says 'Add All' when you hover over it.

All the values that appeared on the left should now appear on the right.

Now, on each of the values, with Man Utd there are 6 different ones, this
may well vary though from club to club, change the value fields to
the desired amount of money you want.

For example with Man United, change every instance of 23056612 to
999999999 to get 999 million pounds.

Finally click save and then OK when the 'Step 3' box pops up.

Now just go into champ, click another screen and then go back
to the finance screen and watch the majic happen!

This may seem a complex process but once you get the hang
of it its actually very simple and quick to do.

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