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- Coke Music Tricks Part 1

For the following trick that we will explain how to do you will need Artmoney. This trick is the only one that is fun to do. All the others are just client side where only the you can see the trick. You can get Artmoney by referring to our tools page on the navigation bar to the left.

- Grabbing A Coke From Thin Air

1) Open Artmoney

2) Hold Alt and press Tab until you have selected Coke Music icon. ( If using AOL, select the AOL icon)

3) Then click on the long white bar kind of close to the top and select Coke Music ( You can also select Program Manager...whichever you choose)

4) Click on Search on the upper left hand corner. A box should come up. For the Search drop down box in the box that came up, select Exact Value. Then go to the Type drop down box and select ALL. In the Value drop down box, select "STOP Dance" (with out the quotation marks) After you've done all that click OK.

5) When it is done search, 2 to 4 rows should come up in the left hand box. Click the green arrow and the 2 or 4 rows should now also be shown in the right hand box. Highlight everything in the right hand box, then right click, then choose set value and change the to "CarryDrink"  Finally click OK.

6) When in Coke Studios click on your v-ego and click Dance. Then click Stop Dance and a bottle of coke should be in your hands.

NOTE: The only way to actually stop dancing is to sit down. Also, you do not get decibels by doing this, but we bet you can imagine the possibilities of teaching people this...for a price of course.


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