Reason for this site.......
d/ls maybe try snoopin here
how 2 do ms mapping (ents)
How 2 hack MS (devs dont go

Well thats right i can tell u instantly how to hack ms.... Devs, if u are here er AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


well go here and then get artmoney program first.

Getting Mucho $$$$$$ ($_$)

Ok, ur a noob and want a ton of gold. What to do? k here gos:

1: fire up hl and artmoney and choose ms and create lan game (so ppl wonts see u hacking)

2: once ur in edana (start map) search for the gold u have with you, on artmoney, and yes, you do have to do alt tab (but who cares if u have no sound?!?!?!)

3: it will take a while to load and when its done ittl show a big list of #s

4: now, go back in da game and sell/buy sumtin and then put the # of gold u have right now in sieve (that alt tab magic again!)

5: well do step 4 again if theres still a big/ small list or if theres below 4 values , press the green arrow to put the values in the right side, edit there values and get mucho gold like 999999999!!!!!!

(btw for got to mension, do interger(standerd) and do exact value!!!)

W00t STATS hacking!!!!!

heheheh, u wanna be a assassin, adn slay every1? k, this ones a little complicated then the last 1, and i reccomend making a new char for stats hacking, if u dont and use ur main char, ittl take forever (maybe a millenium olol j/k)

1: do step 1 on "getting mucho $$$$$"

2: ok, kill sum stuff and get lvled on the type of stat u wana hack (e.g. sword)

3: ok, on search, do "sequence of values" and "interger (standerd) and on number of values do 3 and do ok and ittl show a box with with 3 boxes, do the "sub stats" in the stat u wanna edit in this order: prof balance power

4: ittl show alot of numbers (AGAIN!!!!), but now raise the stat again (thats y its easier to raise stats with a new char DUH!!!)

5: ittl show few numbers then in sieve, push green arrow and EDIT AWAY TO 99999!!! (acctually, it goes all the way to 255)


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