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Monday, July 18, 2005


Cheats in Games

Ever wondered how you could cheat in computer games? Now you can with Artmoney. It's a program where you change the data in the game. Let say you have $100 in a game. You want to make it into $100,000,000. First play the game. Then, pause the game and record the amount of money, power and etc. and press alt+tab in windows (to minimize your game). Next, open artmoney and press "Search". Key in the amount (money, power and etc.) and press OK. Wait for roughly ten seconds. After that, return into the game and modify your money, power and etc. Later, alt+tab again and press "Filter" in artmoney. Key in the data again (last modified) to search for the data. When you have done that, you can then edit the data making -> eg. $100 in a game into $100,000,000. Lastly, return to your game. Note that you do not have to press SAVE in artmoney (Just in case you are frustrated looking for the save button).

Have fun!

-> Gerard

PS - It's legal to use the software (as stated in the site)

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