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Main Menu


The ship left the Island of the Sands from the previous adventure Warrior Within  with the fierce Prince of Persia and Empress Kaileena who ruled the Island, for the City of Babylon.


The Ship leaving the Island from the previous game


Throughout this game a female narrator will often comment. During this trip she tells us the story of the Prince of Persia:
We all make mistakes: some are small, some are large. But his mistake, born of innocence, fueled by pride, was the greatest and most terrible of them all.

At this moment the Prince is looking at the magical Amulet in his hand, the one he got from the old man.

Some believed when the Prince journeyed to the Island of Than to escape death that he returned alone, the Underworld destroyed, the Dahaka defeated, the Empress dead. The Prince was free at last. But this is not how it happened. The truth is that he chose to save me from my destiny. And doing so he set me free... and doomed us all.

The Prince throws his Amulet into the sea... They sail up the river Euphrates and are reaching the City of Babylon. Kaileena: Prince? Of all the possible futures, this one held the most promised. But something has changed.
Prince: Do not worry, Kaileena. No harm will come to you in Babylon, I promise! Look: we are nearly home!

Arriving at Babylon

The metropolitan Capital of Mesopotamia in the middle of the desert offers a magnificent view from the river Euphrates with its fire tower and the impressive Tower of Babel in the middle of the City – the first Skyscraper the world had ever seen.

[Historical Remark: The ruins of Babylon are still situated in contemporary Iraq some 60 miles West of Baghdad, which was built later as the capital during the Arab golden age, about 800 AC and is lying on the River Tigris. Mesopotamia is a Greek word, literally meaning “in the middle of two rivers”: the Euphrates and Tigris rivers].

But what the Prince sees when approaching the harbor goes beyond all imagination! The whole City has been looted. A war is going on there, which is something the Prince had never anticipated: during his absence Babylon was invaded by Barbarians!

The Prince’s ship gets hit by a huge fire ball and sinks. He can reach a floating piece of the wreck whereas Kaileena is drifting away unconsciously on another raft. Arrows and fire balls are destroying the once so beautiful City even damaging the proud Tower of Babel.

The proud Tower of Babel

And from here the new adventure will start...

The Prince of Persia Saga

This is the 6th game of the Saga that Jordan Mechner introduced in the early 80’s to Gameland. The first two games were on a floppy disc and in fact were quite clumsy games. But they have become Collector’s Items now!

Then in 1998 Prince of Persia 3D was released, which was a game revolution. The Prince was still moving somewhat clumsily, but the story line was great and the graphics superb for that year. Unfortunately this splendid game can only be played in Windows 98.

Later in 2003 a Montreal (French Canadian) crew took over the series and introduced the first of the new Prince Games: The Sands of Time. A whole new Prince and a magnificent game play. Next year a new story was released with a Prince having a darker soul: Warrior Within, which I still consider as the best Prince game ever made. And this new game is the sequel to Warrior Within. And it looks very promising!

The new Prince of Persia


Game Play

All info can be found on the DVD: the manual, game controls etc... Montreal advises us to play the game with a Gamepad and I surely agree with that. It is not my intention to advertise Gamepad brands, but the best on the market (especially for The 2 Thrones) is the Logitech Cordless Dual Rumblepad 2. All controls can be set from within the game, so you play blindly and don’t have to watch those damned Keyboard keys. This is like playing the game on PS2 since the Dual Rumblepad is a look-a-like to the PS2 gamepad controller, with 12 programmable buttons and 2 analog sticks.

First I’m going to provide you an optimized programming for the Logitech Rumblepad 2 (Cordless or not). From now on the Buttons in square brackets will refer to these settings. e.g. [B6] will refer to Button 6, [LAS] to the Left Analog Stick and [RAS] to the Right Analog Stick. Here is a conversion list to the default Keyboard settings:

Move Forward [LAS] up [W]
Move Left [LAS] left [A]
Move Backward [LAS] down [S]
Move Right [LAS] right [D]
Walk Toggle [LAS] gradually pressing [Shift]
Roll/Jump/Action [B1] [Spacebar]
Walling/Block/Swing [B6] [R-Mouse]
Dagger Attack [B2] [L-Mouse]
2nd Weapon/Grab/Speed Kill [B3] [E]
Pick up/Throw/Drop Down [B4] [C]
Rewind/Slow Down [B5] [R]
First Person View [B12] [F]
Landscape View [B7] [Q]
Reset Camera [B8] [X]
Start [B10] [Esc]
Camera Forward [RAS] Up Mouse
Camera Backward [RAS] Down Mouse
Camera Left [RAS] Left Mouse
Camera Right [RAS] Right Mouse
Map [B9]  


Up [D-Pad] Up [Arrow Up]
Down [D-Pad] Down [Arrow Dn]
Left [D-Pad] Left [Arrow Lt]
Right [D-Pad] Right [Arrow Rt]


Saved Games

The Saved Games are not overwritten and you have endless saved games available. Play any previous game from the Load Game option. Games can only be saved when the Prince drinks from a Save Fountain. Then you will be asked if you want to save or not.


Sand Credits

Throughout the game you can gather Sand Credits to open Extra Features from the main menu. This section contains an Artwork Gallery and a Video Gallery, each with subdivisions and are really worthwhile seeing. There is also material from the previous Games: The Sands of Time and Warrior Within and there are even parody video clips of the Prince which you will like for a good laugh!

You will find Sand Credits at certain Sand Gates and in hidden Golden Chests you have to open. Gather as many as you can! These Galleries are highly recommended!

 The Galleries Screen


Patch for Unlimited Sand Tanks

You will start this Game with 3 out of 6 activated Sand Tanks but you can’t use them until the power is activated later on in the Game. Their purpose is to go into slow motion – meaning you will still move normally but your entire surroundings will slow down for about 10 seconds. Also to rewind to a previous position – say when you drop dead, you can rewind to your original position as if as nothing happened. Each such move costs one Sand Tank. You can fill up spent Sand Tanks by defeating an enemy or smashing certain objects like jars, pots and crates that contain Sand.

I have created a Patch to get unlimited filled Sand Tanks as soon as you get all 6 unlocked. But I would not encourage you to apply it as it takes away all the thrill and fun of the game, and I am not in favor of Cheats in Games at all.

However, the Sublevel The Terrace in Level 9, The Tower of Babel may be a very frustrating experience. After you have replayed this Sublevel for the 100th time you may be willing to apply this Patch to finish the Sublevel after all. So if you want this Patch, get it and here are the instructions.

Years ago a couple of Russian guys launched a freeware program in English called Game Cheater ArtMoney Vs. 6.26 which was a very small and simple program whose purpose was to obtain unlimited $$$$ with Poker Arcade Games. This program is not available any longer since they have upgraded the program many times since then. And the newer versions won’t do the trick, only Vs. 6.26 will do it, so this is the one you need.

I still have stored Vs. 6.26 (from my former Poker Games addiction) and have experimented with it on this very game The Two Thrones. And it works to get unlimited Sand Tanks too! You can get this program for free here:

When you open the link you will get the RapidShare website. Scroll a bit down and you will see the title you want to download called ArtMoneyV6.26.exe. Scroll further down and click on FREE.

Scroll further down before you see all these PayPal notes and you will be asked to fill some letters and/or figures into a box. Under that box there is a download link. Click on that. 
If it doesn't download, time has already expired and you must click on try again.

Scroll down and a Download countdown in seconds will start, usually not taking longer than 60 seconds. Then your download window will appear where I would suggest to save the file in a folder that you previously made. After the download, install the program and run it as explained below.

How to use the Patch:

  1. 1. Open the program, insert The Two Thrones Disc and start the game.
  2. 2. Load a Sublevel where you start with 6 filled Sand Tanks. If you have 6 Sand Tanks at the start of [9.6] select that load.
  3. 3. Run around for a few seconds and then press Ctr + Alt + Delete.
  4. 4. You will then return to Windows while the game is running in the background.
  5. 5. Close the Windows Task Manager window that will appear in the upper left corner. Now look at the ArtMoney window.
  6. 6. In the box select process click on the small arrow on the right and you will see all opened programs, among them Prince of Persia. Select this one for the box.

Select Prince of Persia in the select process box

Click on the left upper tab Search and A small window will then pop up showing an upper box by default as “Exact Number”. In the Value box below type the number 6 and click on OK.

Then a scan will start that will take about half a minute. You’ll get a progress bar.

When the progress bar is 100% click on OK and you see a number of addresses in the left part of the window.

  1. 7. Down in your system tray click on the Prince of Persia tab to return to the game again.
  2. 8. Run around for a while and rewind thus spending one Sand Tank. So you have 5 filled Sand Tanks now.
  3. 9. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to return to Windows and close the Windows Task Manager window.
  4. 10. In the ArtMoney window click now on the second tab above from the left called Sieve. The same small window will then pop up but this time you type 5 in the Value box and OK.

A new scan will be performed which will take only seconds now. Then the number of addresses in the left window will be reduced.

  1. 11. Return to the Game the same way you did before, let the Prince run around for a few seconds and rewind in order to have 4 filled Sand Tanks.
  2. 12. Return to Windows, close the Windows Task Manager window, click on the Sieve tab in ArtMoney and now fill in 4 in the Value box of the small window that will pop up, then OK. After a short scan you normally should now see only two addresses in the left window part, but if not, return to the game and spend another Sand Tank so that you have 3 left.
  3. 13. Repeat everything and now type 3 in the Value window box for another short scan.
  4. 14. When you finally have 2 addresses left in the left part of the window it is time for some action!
  5. 15. Click on an address in the left part of the window and then on the RED arrow in the middle of the two window parts. Repeat for the second address. Now the right part of the window will show 2 Values. The boxes on top of the right part of the window are (from left to right): F, Description, Address, Value, Type.
  6. 16. Under Value type the number 6 in both boxes.
  7. 17. Check both boxes under F and an “X” will appear in them. The ArtMoney window should now look like this picture:

The final settings

Return to the game and start playing. You will have 6 filled Sand Tanks again and when spending one for slow motion or rewind, it will immediately restore. In other words: you have 6 unlimited Sand tanks now.

However, when you close the game this Magic will have vanished. If you play it next time and you want unlimited Sand Tanks again you will have to repeat this entire process before playing the Game. It only takes a few minutes. It may sound complicated, but after a few times you’ll know the steps by heart.


Staff Members

Dr. Hugh: Schilde-Antwerpen, Belgium. Author with Screenshot selection.
Diane Eaton: Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Corrections of the English language.
Bert Jamin: Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. Publisher, Website Backgrounds and Layout.

And now... it’s play time. Enjoy the Game and try to finish it without the patch!


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