How to make Sega Saturn emulator option


For example, consider SSF 0.11 alpha R5

Attention! Emulator "SSF" uses reverse bytes order. (Unlike emulator Yabause, which uses the normal bytes order).

Also following emulators uses reversed order of bytes:

Gamecube/Wii Dolphin

3DO FreeDO, FourDO

Genesis/Megadrive Kega Fusion, Gens Movie 11a/11b, and multisystem emulator Mednafen in Genesis/SMD emulation mode



Sega Saturn memory map:

00200000-002FFFFF : Work RAM Low (1MB)
06000000-07FFFFFF : Work RAM High (1MB, mirrored every 1MB)


Also a memory map is available at this link:


SSF emulator uses module addressing, as well as those emulators:

FinalBurn Alpha, FBA Plus, FBA Shuffle, FBA-ReRecording new versions

Sega Saturn SSF

PSX PSXjin, PCSX Reloaded

Gamecube/Wii Dolphin




DreamCast NullDC, NullDC Optimized

Sega Model 3 - Supermodel


You have to create emulator options with module addressing for these emulators:

3DO FreeDO, 4DO

Nintendo Virtual Boy - VBjin

Multisystem MESS, MAME (Contains a debugger with memory editor that is useful to find a zero addresses)


Other emulator options with pointer to zero address regularly tested for two different Windows versions, if pointer will not work on any version of Windows, it will also be converted to a module addressing. We recommend to make new emulator options with pointer to zero address with module addressing.


The following emulators without a pointer to zero address (speed access to memory is faster without the pointer):, as well as those emulators:

Sony PlayStation - ePSXe

DreamCast, Sega Naomi 1/2, Sammy Atomiswave Demul (zero address fixed at 2C000000)

Nintendo DS - DeSmuME


Nes VirtualNes (older versions), puNes, Bsnes, Nintendulator 0.975 beta 9-12-11

Nintendo 64 1964, emu-1964, (zero address fixed at 20000000)

PC Engine/Turbografx/CD Mednafen, PCEjin

Arcade emulator ZiNc (Capcom ZN1/ZN2 based on PSX hardware)

Wonderswan Color, NeoGeo Pocket/Color - Mednafen

Killer Instinct 1/2 Ultra64 emu

Atari Jaguar Jagulator

Atari 8-bit, Atari 5200 - Altirra

and others

Emulators with Pointer-to-pointer structure - Sega Model 2 emu (thanks to ArtMoney developers) , GB/GBC emulator TGB Dual, Multisystem emulator Mednafen in Atari Lynx emulation mode, and Atari ST emulator SainT.


ArtMoney can select emulator options automatically when loading of ArtMoney table. You can view MD5 file hash in "Process Information" window.


Start any game in the SSF emulator. Next, open the Process Information and check MD5 hash


You have to copy the MD5, if you want that ArtMoney selects emulator options



We can view the zero addresses of both RAM blocks by simple click of the mouse in SSF, just click the tab Abot > cep. Next, run the search for pointer to the zero address of the first memory block (WorkRAM Low) with a module addressing - note Use module addressing and Scan only static addressess in moduleswhen searching.:

We have get two pointers in the SSF.EXE module. Then restart the emulator (or Windows is better), open About cep again and filter to the new zero address to the first block. In this case it has not changed:

We still have two pointers after filtering. If you filtered pointers after restarting Windows, then you don't need filter it more. If you filtered pointers after restarting emulator, then

filter it one more time.

Then take the first pointer, RMB Edit. We need address in module:



Get option to the first block


SSF 0.12 alpha R5;SSF.exe;19a1439454dc5348e4480260ddb5bb44

;Work RAM Low 1Mb;00200000;SSF.EXE+P054F3858;100000


Then follow the same procedure to find a pointer to the second memory block (Workram High):






As a result, we obtain the emulator option:


SSF 0.12 alpha R5;SSF.exe;R;19a1439454dc5348e4480260ddb5bb44

;Work RAM Low 1Mb;00200000;SSF.EXE+P054F3858;100000

;Work RAM High 1Mb;06000000;SSF.EXE+P054F38F8;100000


Emulator option contains a version of the emulator, EXE file name, MD5 checksum, bytes order, emulator virtual zero address (base address, start of RAM, RAM base), and a module name, address in module/pointer and size of this memory area.


For an example emulator option without pointer (only zero address)



Gens 2.14;gens.exe;N;256805adeaac3a7ed7f9eb96a0ad5c77

;RAM 64Kb;FF0000;005B4FC0;10000


Emulator option with pointer (no module addressing):



KegaFusion 3.64;Fusion.exe;R,c7c149e7621e9152af1f672567d606b4

;RAM 64Kb;FF0000;P006A52D4;10000


Emulator option with pointer-to-pointer structure module name, address in module, offset 1, offset 2:


Sega Model 2


Model 2 Emulator 1.0;emulator.exe;N;7094fa0b4b8e35d687eaa8b1adc32bba

;WorkRAM 1Mb;500000;emulator.exe+P0018F930,100h,0;100000


It's necessary to test emulator option on games in two different Windows versions. I made this emulator option in Windows 7 , check the option on the XP SP3


Asault Rigs:




Loaded (PAL: