Cheats with ArtMoney on Sony Playstation 2 emulators (PCSX2)

 Run PCSX2 emulator and start the game (For example, Jak 3 NTSC-U). You have 8 health points.

 Now switch to ArtMoney and click on "Select Process" field. ArtMoney will display list of running processes. Select "Jak 3 (NTSC-U) (SCUS-97330)" to open PCSX2 process.

 Press "Search" Button and enter "8". ArtMoney auto detects Sony Playstation 2 game system and PCSX2 1.0 as emulator

 Select Custom type and select Integer 1 byte, Integer 2 byte, Integer 4 byte, Float 4 bytes (Only this types are available on Sony Playstation 2).

 Press "OK" Button. You have 153479 addresses with value "8"

 Now switch to PCSX2 and jump into lava. Pause the game.

 Now switch to ArtMoney, press "Filter" Button and enter "4".

 Press "OK" Button. You have 51 addresses with value "4"

 In this case, first adress is our real health address. Click "Add" Button (arrow). Frezee value "8" (click on first column in right table)

 Now switch to PCSX2 and now you are immortal.

 ArtMoney works with PC and emulator address. Click "Edit" command in context menu and you can see PC and emulator address. Real emulator address is 00180360. The emulator address uses on real Sony Playstation 2. ArtMoney also supports emulator pointers (For example, you can download from our site ready-to-use table for Commandos: Strike Force).

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