Search for exact value. Example "Heroes Of Might And Magic 4"

  • Run ArtMoney and the game. Select any parameter and keep it in your mind (for example - money). Then, go to ArtMoney using Alt-Tab or Ctrl-F12. In the big drop-down box, select the game you want to cheat. If your game is running in Internet Explorer and you don't see it, try to select "Program Manager". If the game does not appear in the 'Select process', then read the chapter - 'Select the process using Spyware Process Detector'. If you have not found the process that matches the game you are playing, then switch to the game and use the "Select current process" hotkey or "Run new process" command.

  • Click the "Search" button and enter the number for the search. Set the search method to "Exact value". Search for anything, like money, lives, energy, choosing the appropriate number type, usually "Integer (standard)", but you can select the other type or a set of types if you select the "Custom" type in the drop-down box.

  • If you select the "Custom" type, you can select any type or a set of types for the search.

  • When you start the search, a dialog box with the progress bar appears. The search is over when the progress bar reaches the right end. Then close the dialog box and return to the game.

  • After the search process, many matching occurrences are found, but not all of them point to the true value. You can filter found numbers at this point. Change a value in the game, for example, spend some money. Then go back to ArtMoney, click the "Filter" button, enter the new value and click "OK".

  • Filter until the number of matching occurrences no longer decreases. Usually, one value is listed in the left table. Highlight this value and add it to the right table by clicking the arrow sign. In the right table, change it to anything or freeze it for infinite energy. Results are updated immediately.

  • In the right table you can edit, copy, delete, freeze or unfreeze values. If you click on the check box, ArtMoney freezes the address value; if you click on the description box you can change the name; double-click on the address to edit it; double-click on the value to change it. You can save the list of numbers to ArtMoney Table (a file with the '.amt' extension), and load this table later. You can share ArtMoney Tables with your friends.

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