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Almost, each game saves SaveGame files to disk, in most cases these files are named like the save name in a game. Unfortunately or fortunately, the majority of modern games uses compression in SaveGame files. Searching in these files is useless. The first sign of compression is a different size of the SaveGame files (in one place of the game). For example. Run the game. Save three times with a different amount of money.

Run ArtMoney. Select the first SaveGame file. Click "Search" and enter the number for the search (money in the first SaveGame).

After the search, many matching occurrences are found, but not all of them point to the true value. You can filter found numbers at this point. Select the second SaveGame file. Enter the Filter dialogue and enter a new value (money in the second SaveGame).

Select the third SaveGame file and so on. Filter until the number of matching occurrences no longer decreases. Usually, one value is listed in the left table, select it and add it to the right table using the arrow sign.
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