Search for an instruction that's accessing the address. Example of "King's Bounty: The Legend".

Find address of money in game "King's Bounty: The Legend" (Search for exact value, integer 4 bytes). Addresses change every time after the restart of the game. The game has not valid pointer. Click rigth mouse button on this address and select in menu "Find an instruction that's accessing the address". Select "write" access and press "Start" button. Switch to the game and buy warriors in shop, return to the ArtMoney:

We have found one instruction that's writing your money to memory. You can view registers and flags in rigth table. Click rigth mouse button on this address and select in menu "Add to the table".

Close "Find an instruction" form and you can view new "assembly instruction" in the main table. Replace with NOP instruction (Do Nothing instruction) and value of the address will not be changed!

Return to the fame and buy warriors in shop. The money did not changed! But it did not changed too when you collect money on map. Set hotkeys Ctrl-D to set "NOP" and Ctrl-E to set "mov [edi+08],ebx".

Now in the game, press Ctrl-D, when you need to buy something, buy and press Ctrl-E. Now the value of money can increase (become bigger) but not decrease. it's important! You have to set debugger type "Exception handling" for this game.
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