Saving and Loading a process

You can not restart the process. It works only in one level for big games. This feature does not work in some games. Some games can crash. We will improve it.

You can use it to save in a game, if the game has no save function. ArtMoney saves memory of a process and system parameters. Windows resists and the process can crash.

There are three additional modes (in options). If you enable the mode, then ArtMoney takes over the process from first saving. ArtMoney tries to increase chances of successful loading. Some processes can not survive after this invasion.

  • Mode 1 controls virtual memory
  • Mode 2 controls heap memory
  • Mode 3 controls system objects

Attention! Remember the following things:

  1. Disable the music and sounds and you will have more chances of the successful loading.
  2. For the first time, save/load a process without hotkeys for a full screen game. Use hotkeys only if you are sure it will load successfully.
  3. If you save a game in the tray, then load it in the tray too.

Send us all information about your attempts. Your message must contain the name of a game and its version, windows version, mode settings. Thank you.

For example, let's take "Space Rangers". This game has no save function in hyperspace. Set hotkeys for saving/loading in options (for example Ctrl-F3 / Ctrl-F4). Enter into hyperspace and press Ctrl-F3. The screen will freeze for several seconds (it means we have saved). Play. And press Ctrl-F4 when you are killed. The screen will freeze again. And now you are in the beginning of the level. Remember, press immediately, don't wait until the level unloads from memory, otherwise the game will crash.

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