Search for unknown value. Example of "Half Life"

This method is used when the game value is shown as a bar without numbers. For example, a bar of life. Select a particular type, such as "integer 1 byte" or "integer 2 bytes" for life, because this operation can take a long time. The most important step is the first filtration. Change life in such a way so that this operation has the least effect on everything else, including on-screen picture.

Lets go find a bar of life in "Half Life". Do a search for unknown value, now take damage, filter for has decreased. Get some health back and filter again for has increased, and so on. I filter found address until they stop decreasing. After that it's necessary to move addresses from the left table to the right table and find one true address by editing the value - simply enter a new value and see if it changes health in the game.

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