Sony PlayStation
 N DateGamePoints
102/25/2004Warcraft 2: The Dark Saga (NTSC-US)2
202/25/2004Panzer Front (NTSC-U) (PAL-E)2
302/25/2004Nuclear Strike (NTSC-U) (NTSC-J)2
402/25/2004Kingsley's Adventure (NTSC-US)2
502/25/2004Command & Conquer: Red Alert: Retaliation (NTSC-US) (PAL-E)2
602/25/2004Colony Wars 3: Red Sun (PAL-E)2
702/23/2004WarZone 2100 (PAL-E)2
802/23/2004Alien Resurrection (NTSC-US)2

 N DateGamePoints
110/19/2014Stronghold 23
201/03/2007Warzone 21003
301/03/2007Earth 2150: Moon Project3
401/03/2007Star Wolves 23
505/27/2006Port Royale v1.4.0.03
605/27/2006Port Royale 2 v1.1.0.1293
705/27/2006Impossible Creatures v1.13
805/27/2006C&C Red Alert 2 v1.0063
905/27/2006C&C Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge3
1005/27/2006C&C Generals v1.003
1105/27/2006C&C Generals: Zero Hour v1.003
1205/27/2006C&C Generals: Zero Hour Reborn The Last Stand v5.03
1305/27/2006C&C Generals: Reloaded Fire v1.003
1405/27/2006C&C Generals: Desert Storm 2 v1.003
1512/20/2005Soldiers: Heroes of World War 2 v1.28.33
1612/20/2005Civilization 4 v1.03
1712/20/2005C&C Tiberian Sun: Fire Storm3
1812/20/2005C&C Tiberian Sun3
1912/20/2005C&C Red Alert v3.03 eng3
2012/20/2005C&C Red Alert 2 v1.006 (techtree)3
2112/20/2005C&C GOLD v1.04 eng3
2205/28/2005Sid Meier's Pirates: Live The Life3
2305/21/2005Civilization 3: Rise And Rule v1.223
2405/19/2005Settlers 5: Heritage of Kings3
2510/14/2004Бильярд 1С2
2602/23/2004Zax: The Alien Hunter3
2701/30/2004Port Royale v1.4.0.13
2812/29/2003Red Faction 2 v1.1 (weapons)3
2912/29/2003Highland Warriors v1.03
3010/23/2003Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb3
3110/12/2003Бильярд 1С с комментариями Братьев Пилотов v1.12
3210/12/2003World War 2 Panzer Claws3
3310/06/2003Heath: The Unchosen Path2
3410/06/2003Star Wars: Episode I Racer3
3510/06/2003Robot Arena 23
3610/06/2003Red Faction3
3710/06/2003Horde 23
3810/06/2003Civilization 3: Play the World3
3910/06/2003Battle Realms3

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