Sega Genesis (MegaDrive)
 N DateGamePoints
105/31/2005Beavis and Butthead2

 N DateGamePoints
105/31/2005Gooka: The Mystery of Janatris v1.02
205/31/2005Funsol Solitaire 20022
305/31/2005Bound Around Demo2
405/31/2005Astral Tournament v1.62
505/31/2005Advanced Video Poker v1.30.12
610/12/2004Lines 993
710/12/2004True Crime: The Streets of L.A.3
810/12/2004Neverwinter Nights v1.22.67293
910/12/2004Medal of Honor: Allied Assault3
1010/12/2004Commandos 3: Destination Berlin3

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