Sega Genesis (MegaDrive)
 N DateGamePoints
108/14/2017Michael Jackson's MoonWalker2
202/22/2004Batman Returns2
402/22/2004Abrams Battle Tank2
601/06/2004Zero Tolerance2
701/06/2004Vectorman 22
901/06/2004Tiny Toon Adventures: Acme All Stars2
1001/06/2004Super Thunder Blade2
1101/06/2004Super Monaco Grand Prix2
1201/06/2004Street Racer2
1301/06/2004Revolution X2
1401/06/2004Paperboy 22
1501/06/2004Micro Machines2
1601/06/2004Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World2
1701/06/2004Escape From Mars Starring Taz2
1801/06/2004Caesars Palace2
1901/06/2004Baby's Day Out (beta)2
2001/06/2004Ariel: Disney's The Little Mermaid2

 N DateGamePoints
110/26/2005Chrysler West Coast Rally3
206/15/2004Затерянный Мир DEMO2
406/15/2004Counter Strike v1.52
501/04/2004Quake 3: Arena3
601/02/2004Castles v1.52
712/26/2003Long Hacker's Way 2 Revenge3
812/26/2003Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (rus version)2
912/26/2003Clive Barker's Undying3
1012/26/2003Bumper Wars3
1111/08/2003Red Faction International Demo3
1209/30/2003Age of Empires 2: Expansion (rus)2
1309/30/2003Serious Sam: The Second Encouter (health)3
1409/30/2003Mayday (Multiplayer)3
1509/30/2003Age of Wonders 23
1609/30/2003Test Drive 53
1709/30/2003Hard Truck 2: Rig and Roll4
1809/30/2003Hotel Giant Demo3
1909/30/2003Age of Empires 2: Expansion (eng)2
2009/30/2003Adult Poker 19993

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