N DateGamePoints
107/01/2003Heroes of Might and Magic (1995)2

Sony PlayStation
 N DateGamePoints
112/31/2010Resident Evil (NTSC-U) (PAL-E)2
202/27/2004Hogs of War (PAL-UK)2
302/27/2004Disney's Hercules (NTSC-US)2
401/05/2003Tomb Raider 5: Chronicles (PAL-E)2

 N DateGamePoints
112/28/2010Neighbours From Hell 52
205/27/2005Alias The Game3
305/12/2005NHL 20023
402/03/2005Battlefield Vietnam - Blue Team v1.03
501/23/2005Что Где Когда DKSoft v2.02
603/06/2004Mafia: Extrim3
701/08/2003Quake 3: Arena (Health)3

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