Game Boy Advance
 N DateGamePoints
103/19/2005MegaMan Zero2
212/11/2004Breath Of Fire 2 (full)2
312/11/2004Breath Of Fire (full)2
411/11/2004Iridion 3D2

Game Boy Color
 N DateGamePoints
111/06/2004102 Dalmatiner1

Sony PlayStation
 N DateGamePoints
102/06/2006Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbiden Memories (NTSC-US)2
202/06/2006Star Ocean: The Second Story (NTSC-US)2
302/06/2006Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete (NTSC-US)2
402/06/2006Legend of Dragoon (NTSC-US)2

 N DateGamePoints
201/25/2005Battle Realms v1.2 (no dma)4
303/20/2004Ultra Assault - Small Rockets3
403/20/2004Akimbo Kung-Fu Hero3

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