N DateGamePoints
109/25/2006X-COM: UFO Defense (1994)2
212/22/2003Civilization (1991)2

 N DateGamePoints
105/31/2020Witcher 33
205/31/2020Watch Dogs2
305/31/2020Fallout 43
405/31/2020Assassin's Creed Syndicate3
507/16/2009Rise of the Argonauts3
607/16/2009Need For Speed: Undercover3
707/16/2009Mass Effect3
807/16/2009Fallout 33
903/31/2008Hard to be a god v1.03
1003/01/2008Xpand Rally Xtreme v1.0.0.03
1103/01/2008Tortuga 2: Two Treasures v1.0.0.13
1206/11/2007Corsair: The Legend Back v1.23
1305/20/2007Luxor 2 v2.0.6.17 S Final2
1405/20/2007Ascension to the Throne3
1504/27/2007Medieval 2: Total War v1.03
1604/27/2007Gothic 3 v1.9.258253
1704/27/2007FIFA Manager 20073
1804/27/2007Dungeon Cleaners v1.03
1909/25/2006Tycoon City v1.0.1.42
2109/25/2006Luxor v1.0.5.34 GH2
2209/25/2006Fable: The Lost Chapters (full)3
2309/25/2006Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales3
2408/07/2004Feeding Frenzy2
2508/05/2004Great Escape3
2608/05/2004Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (full)3
2708/05/2004Pro-Rally 20013
2808/05/2004Omikron: The Nomad Soul3
2908/05/2004Nina: Agent Chronicles3
3008/05/2004Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring3
3108/05/2004Hidden And Dangerous Deluxe3
3208/05/2004Crime Cities (savefile)3
3306/19/2004Power Of Law3
3404/10/2004Tone Rebelion3
3604/10/2004Mafia (money)3
3704/10/2004Hogs of war (savefile)3
3912/22/2003Urban Chaos (rus)3
4012/22/2003Project Eden3
4112/22/2003Moto GP 23
4212/22/2003Freedom Fighters3
4412/22/2003Deus Ex (full)3
4512/22/2003Cold Zero v2.0.123

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