N DateGamePoints
112/02/2005Might and Magic: Book One (1986)2
207/22/2001Witchaven (1994)2

 N DateGamePoints
112/02/2005Wizardry Gold CD-Version 23
212/02/2005Wizardry 8 Demo2
412/02/2005Icewind Dale3
511/19/2004Pandora's Box (no dma)4
605/03/2004ARX Fatalis v1.17 USA3
707/06/2003Neverwinter Nights v1.30.70414
812/28/2002Sims: Unleashed (no dma)4
912/28/2002Sims: Hot Date (no dma)4
1003/25/2002Pool of Radiance 23
1102/26/2002Dark Stone3
1211/30/2001Avery Cardoza's Casino 20003
1310/02/2001Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver3
1407/10/2001Golden Nugget3
1505/15/2001Dink Smallwood v1.063
1608/03/2000Might and Magic 7: For Blood and Honor3
1705/05/2000Dungeon Keeper3

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