N DateGamePoints
108/23/2004King v1.7 (c) Vadim Bashurov (1993)1

 N DateGamePoints
106/15/2005Cossacks 23
204/14/2005Playboy: The Mansion3
311/27/2004Rome: Total War3
410/17/2004Kreed: Battle for Savitar3
508/23/2004SeaWar for Win XP v2.222
606/19/2004FIFA 2004: Российская Премьер Лига 2004 v1.13
706/02/2004Neighbours From Hell 2: On vacations3
805/30/2004Singles: Flirt up your life!3
905/30/2004Shadow Vault3
1005/27/2004SimCity 30003
1105/12/2004Poker v1.22
1205/12/2004Classic Pai Gow Poker 1.02
1305/12/2004Classic Blackjack 1.02
1404/07/2004Legacy of Kain: Defiance3
1503/18/2004Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Ghosts)3
1602/21/2004Highland Warriors v1.13
1701/04/2004Unreal 2: The Awakening3
1801/04/2004Terminator 3: War of the machines3
1901/04/2004Railroad Fantasy (demo)3
2012/23/2003Sims: Making Magic3
2112/23/2003Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (weapon)3
2211/06/2003Sims: Superstar (rus)3
2311/06/2003Max Payne 23
2411/06/2003Knights Of The Cross3
2511/06/2003Cold Zero: The Last Stand3

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