Sega Genesis (MegaDrive)
 N DateGamePoints
109/09/2008Simpsons: Bart vs The Space Mutants2
205/14/2006Streets of Rage 32
405/14/2006Techno Clash2
505/14/2006Soldiers of Fortune2
605/14/2006Shining in the Darkness2
705/14/2006Shadow Run2
805/14/2006Robocop vs The Terminator2
905/14/2006Phantom 20402
1005/14/2006Phantasy Star 22
1105/14/2006Eternal Champions2
1205/14/2006Earthworm Jim 22
1305/14/2006Earthworm Jim2
1405/14/2006Contra: Hard Corps2
1505/14/2006Beyond Oasis2
1605/14/2006Batman Forever2
1705/14/2006Bare Knuckle 32
1805/14/2006Asterix and the Power of the Gods2
1905/14/2006Alien Soldier2
2005/14/2006Alien 32

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