N DateGamePoints
106/20/2008Theme Hospital (1997)2
206/20/2008Spellcraft: Aspects of Valor (1992)2
306/20/2008Carmageddon (1997)2
406/20/20081869 (1993)2
512/01/2007X-COM: Apocalypse (1997)2
612/01/2007War Inc (1997)2
712/01/2007Reunion (1994)2
812/01/2007Princess Maker 2 (1996)2
912/01/2007Master of Orion (1993)2
1012/01/2007Master Of Magic (1995)2
1112/01/2007Lost Tribe (1992)2
1212/01/2007Kokoi (1995)2
1312/01/2007Der Eisplanet (1994)2
1412/01/2007Dominus (1994)2
1512/01/2007Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure v1.2 (1992)2
1612/01/2007Constructor (1997)2
1712/01/2007Castles 2: Siege and Conquest (1992)2
1812/01/2007Burntime (1993)2
1912/01/2007Bloodnet (1994) (savegame)2
2012/01/2007Ascendancy (1995)2

Nintendo Wii
 N DateGamePoints
108/29/2009Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (PAL-E)3

 N DateGamePoints
111/09/2013Sword of the Stars: The Pit Gold Edition (GOG)3
204/06/2013Eador: Genesis v2.0.2.7 GOG4
301/31/2013Omerta: City Of Gangsters3
410/12/2012Retro City Rampage3
510/05/2012SimCity Societies: Destinations3
610/05/2012Witcher 23
710/05/2012Startopia GOG.COM3
810/05/2012Shogun 2: Total War2
910/05/2012Tropico 43
1010/05/2012Jade Empire3
1110/05/2012FTL: Faster Than Light v1.02.53
1210/05/2012Dungeons of Dredmor: Conquest of the Wizardlands2
1310/05/2012Dungeons of Dredmor: Realm of the Diggle Gods3
1410/05/2012Dungeons of Dredmor3
1610/05/2012Drakensang: The Dark Eye3
1710/05/2012Dragon Age 2 v1.023
1806/29/2009Anno 14043
1905/06/2009Medieval 2: Gold Edition (P2P)5
2007/10/2008Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword v3.17 + Fall from Heaven v2.323
2106/20/2008Witcher v1.2.0.11603
2206/20/2008Overlord v1.43
2306/20/2008Decker: At Home (no dma)3
2406/20/2008Decker: At Home3
2506/20/2008Clonk Rage3
2606/20/2008Clonk Planet3
2706/20/2008Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword v3.13 + Fall from Heaven3
2812/01/2007Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines2
2912/01/2007Tycoon City v1.0.1.53
3012/01/2007Settlers 6: Rise of an Empire v1.23
3112/01/2007Rotlicht Tycoon 22
3212/01/2007Plant Tycoon3

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