Nintendo Wii
 N DateGamePoints
104/24/2015Contra ReBirth (NTSC-US)3

 N DateGamePoints
206/26/2017Rescue Team 53
308/07/201612 Labours of Hercules 5: Kids of Hellas - Collector's Edition3
405/09/201612 Labours of Hercules 4: Mother Nature - Collector's Edition3
511/15/201512 Labours of Hercules 3: Girl Power3
610/28/201512 Labours of Hercules 2: The Cretan Bull v1.033
710/26/201512 Labours of Hercules v1.0.43
810/11/2015Platypus 23
904/30/2015iBomber Defense Pacific3
1004/24/2015Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter3
1104/24/2015Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter3
1204/24/2015Serious Sam 3: BFE3
1304/24/2015Doom Legacy v1.42 Birthday version3
1404/24/2015Duke Nukem 3D (EDuke32 v2.0)3
1511/28/2014Culling Of The Cows v4.0.1.03
1601/21/2014Много лет назад (c) Alawar2
1701/21/2014Tots'n'Togs v1.23
1801/21/2014New Yankee In Santas Service3
1911/06/2013Маджонг. Тайны прошлого (c) Alawar2
2010/17/2013Viking Brothers3
2108/11/2013Royal Envoy3
2208/10/2013Royal Envoy 24
2308/06/2013Royal Envoy 3: Campaign for the Crown Collector's Edition4
2406/12/2013Weather Lord: Hidden Realm3
2506/12/2013Weather Lord3
2606/11/2013Янки при дворе короля Артура 2 (c) Alawar2
2705/21/2013Alien Zombie Megadeath4
2801/14/2013Fieldrunners 23
3012/09/2012Aztec Tribe: New Land3
3109/29/2012New Yankee in King Arthur's Court3
3209/29/2012Aztec Tribe3
3301/21/2012Unstoppable Gorg v1.0.1.132
3401/16/2012Mythic Blades2
3501/05/2012World Gone Sour2
3601/05/2012First Templar2
3711/07/2011Stronghold 33
3809/02/2011King of Fighters XIII3
3909/02/2011Gatling Gears3
4008/18/2011Gemini Lost3
4108/16/2011Railroad Pioneer3
4208/08/2011Killing Floor3
4306/06/2011Last Remnant3

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