Sega Model 2
 N DateGamePoints
106/10/2012Daytona USA (Japan Turbo hack) (daytonat)2
206/10/2012Daytona USA (Japan Revision A) (daytona)2
305/14/2012Zero Gunner (Model 2B) (zerogun)2
405/14/2012Wave Runner (Japan Revision A) (waverunr)2
505/14/2012Virtual On Cyber Troopers (US Revision B) (von)2
605/14/2012Virtua Striker (Revision A) (vstriker)2
705/14/2012Virtua Fighter 2 v2.1 (vf2)2
805/14/2012Virtua Cop 2 (vcop2)2
905/14/2012Virtua Cop (Revision B) (vcop)2
1005/14/2012Top Skater (Export Revision A) (topskatr)2
1105/14/2012Super GT 24h (sgt24h)2
1205/14/2012Sonic The Fighters (schamp)2
1305/14/2012Sega Water Ski (Japan Revision A) segawski2
1405/14/2012Sega Touring Car Championship (Revision A) (stcc)2
1505/14/2012Sega Touring Car Championship (Euro) (stcce)2
1605/14/2012Sega Ski Super G (skisuprg)2
1705/14/2012Sega Rally Championship (srallyc)2
1805/14/2012Rail Chase 2 (Revision A) (rchase2)2
1905/14/2012Over Rev (Revision A) (overrev)2
2005/14/2012Motoraid (motoraid)2
2105/14/2012Manx TT Superbike (Revision C) (manxtt)2
2205/14/2012Last Bronx (Export Revision A) (lastbrnx)2
2305/14/2012INDY 500 Deluxe (Revision A) (indy500d)2
2405/14/2012House of the Dead (hotd)2
2505/14/2012Fighting Vipers (Revision D) (fvipers)2
2605/14/2012Dynamite Cop (USA Model 2C) (dynmcopc)2
2705/14/2012Daytona USA GTX2004 (daytonagtx)2
2805/14/2012Daytona USA Deluxe 93 (dayton93)2
2905/14/2012Daytona USA (Japan To The MAXX) (daytonam)2

Sega Model 3
 N DateGamePoints
111/28/2012Harley-Davidson and L.A.Riders (harley)2
205/14/2012Virtual On 2: Oratorio Tangram v5.4g (von254g)2
305/14/2012Virtual On 2: Oratorio Tangram Revision B (von2)2
405/14/2012Virtua Striker 2 Step 2.0 (vs2)2
505/14/2012Virtua Striker 2 98 Step 2.0 (vs298)2
605/14/2012Virtua Fighter 3 Revision C (vf3)2
705/14/2012Star Wars Trilogy Revision A (swtrilgy)2
805/14/2012Spikeout Revision C (spikeout)2
905/14/2012Spikeout Final Edition (spikeofe)2
1005/14/2012Sega Rally 2 (srally2)2
1105/14/2012Scud Race Plus (scudp)2
1205/14/2012Scud Race Australia (scud)2
1305/14/2012Lost World (lostwsga)2
1405/14/2012Le Mans 24 (lemans24)2
1505/14/2012Emergency Call Ambulance (eca)2
1605/14/2012Daytona USA 2 Power Edition (dayto2pe)2
1705/14/2012Daytona USA 2 (daytona2)2

Sony PlayStation 2
 N DateGamePoints
107/15/2012Time Crisis 3 (NTSC-US)3
207/15/2012Time Crisis 2 (NTSC-US) (SLUS-20219)3

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