Sega Genesis (MegaDrive)
 N DateGamePoints
105/22/2018Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO)2

Sony PlayStation 2
 N DateGamePoints
105/22/2018Pacific Theater of Operations IV (NTSC-U) (SLUS-20567)3

 N DateGamePoints
211/25/2019Strategic Command WWII: World at War v1.003
305/22/2018Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe v1.003
405/22/2018Soldiers of Empires 23
505/22/2018Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy3
605/22/2018Sexy Beach - Premium Resort x64 v4.6.7.122818262
705/22/2018Settlers 2: Awakening of Cultures3
805/22/2018Rush for Berlin4
905/22/2018Pre-Civilization: Marble Age3
1005/22/2018Planar Conquest3
1105/22/2018Parkan 22
1205/22/2018Order of Battle: World War 23
1305/22/2018Order of Battle: Pacific3
1505/22/2018Empires of Steel3
1605/22/2018Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog3
1705/22/2018Close Combat: Gateway to Caen3
1805/22/2018Battle Fleet 2 v1.153
1905/22/2018Advanced Tactics: Gold Edition3

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