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102/13/2013Dig Dug (1983)Altirra 2.00 test 52iddqd
202/13/2013Dig Dug (1982)Altirra 2.00 test 52iddqd
312/09/2012Keychase (19xx)Altirra 2.20 test 18iddqd
412/09/2012Into Deep! (1987)Altirra 2.20 test 18iddqd
512/09/2012Galleons (19xx)Altirra 2.20 test 18iddqd
612/09/2012Dimension X (1986)Altirra 2.20 test 18iddqd
712/09/2012Deimos (1993)Altirra 2.20 test 18iddqd
812/09/2012Chambers of Zorp (1983)Altirra 2.20 test 18iddqd
912/09/2012Caverns of Mars (1982)Altirra 2.20 test 18iddqd
1012/09/2012Bomb Fusion (1989)Altirra 2.20 test 18iddqd
1112/09/2012Blue Thunder (1984)Altirra 2.20 test 18iddqd
1212/09/2012Big House (1990)Altirra 2.20 test 18iddqd
1312/09/2012Bank Bang! (1992)Altirra 2.20 test 18iddqd
1412/09/2012Axis Assassin (1983)Altirra 2.20 test 18iddqd
1512/06/2012Moon Shuttle (1983)Altirra 2.20 test 10iddqd
1612/06/2012Lepus Revenge (1983)Altirra 2.20 test 10iddqd
1712/06/2012Jurassic Park (19xx)Altirra 2.20 test 10iddqd
1812/06/2012E Factor (1983)Altirra 2.20 test 10iddqd
1912/06/2012Drone Dusters (19xx)Altirra 2.20 test 10iddqd
2010/21/2012Saper (1991)Altirra 2.20 test 10iddqd
2110/21/2012Pakmans Brothers Revenge (19xx)Altirra 2.20 test 10iddqd
2210/21/2012Major Bronx (1992)Altirra 2.20 test 10iddqd
2310/21/2012Kickstart (1986)Altirra 2.20 test 10iddqd
2410/21/2012Homer's Honey Craze (1983)Altirra 2.20 test 10iddqd
2510/21/2012High Rise (19xx)Altirra 2.20 test 10iddqd
2610/21/2012Guard (1992)Altirra 2.20 test 10iddqd
2710/21/2012Draconus IV (1993)Altirra 2.20 test 10iddqd
2810/21/2012Draconus III: the Larger Challenge (1992)Altirra 2.20 test 10iddqd
2910/21/2012Draconus II: the Story Continue (1991)Altirra 2.20 test 10iddqd
3010/21/2012Draconus (1988)Altirra 2.20 test 10iddqd
3110/18/2012Pac Munch Jr (19xx)Altirra 2.20 test 8iddqd
3210/13/2012Warp Zone (1984)Altirra 2.20 test 8iddqd
3310/13/2012Raid Over Moscow (1986)Altirra 2.20 test 8iddqd
3410/13/2012Mirax Force (1987)Altirra 2.20 test 8iddqd
3510/13/2012Maniac (19xx)Altirra 2.20 test 8iddqd
3610/13/2012Gunfight (1983)Altirra 2.20 test 8iddqd
3710/13/2012Galaxian (1982)Altirra 2.20 test 8iddqd
3810/13/2012Freaky Factory (1986)Altirra 2.20 test 8iddqd
3910/13/2012Forbidden Forest (1983)Altirra 2.20 test 8iddqd
4010/13/2012Fire Bug (1984)Altirra 2.20 test 8iddqd
4110/13/2012Fast Eddie (1982)Altirra 2.20 test 8iddqd
4210/13/2012Dreadnought Megastars (1990)Altirra 2.20 test 8iddqd
4310/13/2012Dimension X (1984)Altirra 2.20 test 8iddqd
4410/13/2012Citadel Warrior (1983)Altirra 2.20 test 8iddqd
4510/13/2012Beamrider (1984)Altirra 2.20 test 8iddqd
4610/13/2012Astro Chase (1982)Altirra 2.20 test 8iddqd
4710/13/2012Asteroids (1981)Altirra 2.20 test 8iddqd
4810/11/2012Droids (1983)Altirra 2.20 test 8iddqd
4910/11/2012Buck Rogers (1983)Altirra 2.20 test 8iddqd
5009/29/2012Star Wars: the Arcade Game (1984)Altirra 2.20 test 6iddqd

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