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103/12/2013Army Men: RTS (NTSC-US)Dolphin 3.5-367ArtMoney Team
203/12/2013Batman Begins (NTSC-US)Dolphin 3.5-367ArtMoney Team
303/12/2013Batman: Rise Of Sin Tzu (NTSC-US)Dolphin 3.5-367ArtMoney Team
403/12/2013Batman: Vengeance (NTSC-US)Dolphin 3.5-367ArtMoney Team
503/12/2013Batman: Vengeance (PAL-E)Dolphin 3.5-367ArtMoney Team
603/21/2013Biohazard (NTSC-JP)Dolphin 3.5iddqd
703/21/2013Biohazard 2 (NTSC-JP)Dolphin 3.5iddqd
803/21/2013Biohazard 3: Last Escape (NTSC-JP)Dolphin 3.5iddqd
903/12/2013BloodRayne (NTSC-US)Dolphin 3.5-367ArtMoney Team
1006/14/2012Chaos Field (NTSC-US)Dolphin 3.0-372iddqd
1103/01/2013Crazy Taxi (NTSC-US)Dolphin 3.5-419 EmuCRiddqd
1203/12/2013Digimon Rumble Arena 2 (NTSC-US)Dolphin 3.5-367ArtMoney Team
1303/12/2013Digimon World 4 (NTSC-US)Dolphin 3.5-367ArtMoney Team
1402/02/2013Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance (NTSC-US)Dolphin 3.5-336ArtMoney Team
1510/23/2013Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance (PAL-E)Dolphin 4.01ArtMoney Team
1603/01/2013Hudson Selection Vol.2: Star Soldier (NTSC-JP)Dolphin 3.5-419 EmuCRiddqd
1709/24/2010Ikaruga (NTSC-US)Dolphin SVN r6225iddqd
1802/22/2013Ikaruga (PAL-E)Dolphin 3.5-419 EmuCRiddqd
1902/22/2013Luigi's Mansion (NTSC-US)Dolphin 3.5-419 EmuCRiddqd
2002/22/2013Luigi's Mansion (PAL-E)Dolphin 3.5-419 EmuCRiddqd
2103/12/2013MegaMan X: Command Mission (NTSC-US)Dolphin 3.5-367ArtMoney Team
2203/12/2013MegaMan X: Command Mission (PAL-E)Dolphin 3.5-367ArtMoney Team
2302/06/2011PC Genjin (JP)Dolphin SVN r7540iddqd
2405/03/2013Phantasy Star Online: Episode I & II (PAL-E)Dolphin 3.5Lord13
2503/01/2013Radirgy Generic (NTSC-JP)Dolphin 3.5-419 EmuCRiddqd
2606/25/2011Resident Evil 2 (NTSC-US)Dolphin SVN r7540iddqd
2706/30/2011Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (NTSC-US)Dolphin 3.0iddqd
2803/21/2013Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PAL-E)Dolphin 3.5iddqd
2905/07/2012Resident Evil Archives (PAL-E)Dolphin 3.0-458Kain
3005/07/2012Resident Evil Remake (NTSC-US)Dolphin 3.0-458Kain
3112/26/2012Resident Evil Remake (NTSC-US) (items)Dolphin 3.0-592MiladHZ
3203/06/2012Resident Evil Remake (PAL-E)Dolphin 3.0-427iddqd
3312/17/2010Resident Evil Zero (NTSC-US)Dolphin SVN r6540_ku
3403/12/2013Simpsons: Hit and Run (NTSC-US)Dolphin 3.5-367ArtMoney Team
3509/24/2010Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (NTSC-US)Dolphin SVN r6225iddqd
3605/25/2011Super Mario Sunshine (NTSC-US)Dolphin SVN r6474iddqd
3702/03/2013Super Mario Sunshine (PAL-E)Dolphin 3.5-336ArtMoney Team
3803/12/2013Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NTSC-US)Dolphin 3.5-367ArtMoney Team
3905/23/2011Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare (NTSC-US)Dolphin SVN r7540iddqd
4005/23/2011Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Melee (NTSC-US)Dolphin SVN r7540iddqd
4112/12/2010Trigger Man (NTSC-US)Dolphin SVN r6225iddqd
4205/23/2011Wario World (NTSC-US)Dolphin SVN r6225iddqd

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