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 N DateGameEmulatorAuthor
16512/19/2003Rambo 3 (1989)DOSBox 0.74-3Intuition
16603/09/2005Raptor: Call of the Shadows (1994)DOSBox 0.74-3Sneg78
16707/30/2021Rayman (1995)DOSBox 0.74-3ArtMoney Team
16807/30/2021Rayman Forever (1999)DOSBox 0.74-3ArtMoney Team
16910/04/2014Realms of Chaos (1995)DosBox r3869Pat
17002/25/2002Redneck Rampage (1997)Windows 98Vasiko
17112/01/2007Reunion (1994)DOSBox 0.70Scaenicus
17205/21/2005Rise of the Robots (1994)DOSBox 0.74-3iddqd
17312/02/2005Rise of the Triad (1994)DOSBox 0.74-3OLLI
17401/24/2005Robocop (Data East) (1989)DOSBox 0.74-3iddqd
17507/30/2021Robocop (Ocean) (1989)DOSBox 0.74-3ArtMoney Team
17607/20/2005Robocop 3 (1991)DOSBox 0.63iddqd
17707/31/2021Rush'n Attack (1989)DOSBox 0.74-3ArtMoney Team

ArtMoney Tables (AMT cheat codes)
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