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 N DateGameEmulatorAuthor
906/21/2007Abadox: The Deadly Inner WarVirtualNES 0.92iddqd
1008/09/2011Action in New YorkJnes 0.6Timur Abdukov
1107/24/2011Addams FamilyJnes 0.6Timur Abdukov
1207/24/2011Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger HuntJnes 0.6Timur Abdukov
1302/24/2022Addams Family: Uncle Fester's QuestVirtualNES 0.97ArtMoney Team
1402/24/2022Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Dragon StrikeVirtualNES 0.97ArtMoney Team
1502/24/2022Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes of the LanceVirtualNES 0.97ArtMoney Team
1611/27/2006Adventure IslandVirtualNES 0.92iddqd
1709/29/2015Adventure Island 2Nestopia 1.40Timur Abdukov
1809/29/2015Adventure Island 3Nestopia 1.40Timur Abdukov
1902/24/2022Adventure Island Classic (E)VirtualNES 0.97ArtMoney Team
2010/23/2012Adventures of Bayou BillyVirtualNES 0.97Kain
2107/10/2007Adventures of Captain ComicVirtualNES 0.92iddqd
2207/10/2007Adventures of Dino RikiVirtualNES 0.92iddqd
2307/12/2007Adventures of Gilligan's IslandVirtualNES 0.92iddqd
2407/10/2007Adventures of LoloVirtualNES 0.92iddqd
2507/10/2007Adventures of Lolo 2VirtualNES 0.92iddqd
2602/24/2022Adventures of Lolo 3VirtualNES 0.97ArtMoney Team
2702/08/2009Adventures of Rad GravityVirtualNES 0.97iddqd
2802/24/2022Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and FriendsVirtualNES 0.97ArtMoney Team
2907/10/2007Adventures of Tom SawyerVirtualNES 0.92iddqd
3007/24/2011After Burner 1 and 2JNes Abdukov
3107/24/2011Air Fortress TMJNes Abdukov
3202/24/2022AirwolfVirtualNES 0.97ArtMoney Team
3307/24/2016Akumajou DensetsuMednafen x64
3402/24/2022Aladdin (E)Nestopia Unofficial 1.42.0ArtMoney Team
3507/24/2011Aladdin 3JNes Abdukov
3607/24/2011Alfred ChickenJNes Abdukov
3710/23/2012Alien 3VirtualNES 0.97Kain
3806/28/2012Alien SyndromeNintendulator 0.975 06-12-13iddqd
3906/28/2012Alpha MissionpuNES 0.62iddqd
4007/24/2008AmagonVirtualNES 0.92iddqd
4102/24/2022American GladiatorsVirtualNES 0.97ArtMoney Team
4207/10/2007Antarctic AdventureVirtualNES 0.92iddqd
4302/24/2022ArchonVirtualNES 0.97ArtMoney Team
4412/25/2008ArgusVirtualNES 0.97iddqd
4502/24/2022ArkanoidVirtualNES 0.97ArtMoney Team
4602/24/2022Arkanoid 2 (J)VirtualNES 0.97ArtMoney Team
4701/02/2010AsterixVirtualNES 0.97iddqd
4811/25/2008AstyanaxVirtualNES 0.97iddqd
4902/24/2022AthenaVirtualNES 0.97ArtMoney Team
5006/21/2007Attack of the Killer TomatoesVirtualNES 0.92iddqd

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