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 N DateGameEmulatorAuthor
11609/12/2008Taz-ManiaKegaFusion 3.5iddqd
11705/14/2007TerminatorKegaFusion 3.5iddqd
11805/14/2007Terminator 2: Judgment DayKegaFusion 3.5iddqd
11905/14/2007Terminator 2: The Arcade GameKegaFusion 3.5iddqd
12009/12/2008The SmurfsKegaFusion 3.5iddqd
12109/12/2008The Smurfs 2 (Smurfs Travel the World)KegaFusion 3.5iddqd
12205/08/2007Thunder BladeKegaFusion 3.5iddqd
12305/08/2007Tom and JerryKegaFusion 3.5iddqd
12404/26/2007Trans-BotKegaFusion 3.5iddqd
12505/07/2007VampireKegaFusion 3.5iddqd
12608/23/2007Zillion II: The Tri FormationKegaFusion 3.5iddqd
12704/27/2007ZoolKegaFusion 3.5iddqd

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