Search in a memory block. Example of "Gorky-17".

Often resources in the game (stones, wood, life, armour) are located in one memory block. Scanning one memory block is much faster than the entire game, especially when the value is unknown. Simply select the "Search in this memory block' command from the context menu, and all search parameters will be applied to the memory block that contains the current address. If you do not find what you want in the block, try to increase the address range.

For example, in "Gorky-17", you have 5 health points and your soldier stands near the enemy, losing health on each hit. It looks like nothing can help but there is a solution. Search for the soldier's experience - 10150. One address is returned. Use the 'Search in this memory block' command and search for 5 health points (integer 2 bytes). 106 addresses are returned. The final step is to determine which address is right. Select all values and set them to 1 with step 1. Return to the game and look at the health point. It is 89. Return to ArtMoney, select the address containing 89 in the address table, use the "Invert selection" command and delete the selections. Now, you have real health points in your table.
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