Search for structures. Example of "Warcraft 3".

A structure is a composite type. It is composed of variables that can have different types. For example, the structure of a hero in a game contains hero attributes, such as health, experience, level, power, dexterity, accuracy and etc.

The user can generate a structure automatically from the opened table or can create it manually. The structure can contain skipped bytes between variables (ArtMoney can skip unknown attributes in the structure).

The search for structures is an easy way to defeat DMA (if you have found some valid addresses and now they are not valid). You can find your structure easily without filtration and then use the "Auto apply the offset" command.

If the "Round float values" option is enabled, ArtMoney rounds all float values during the search for structures. The maximum size of any structure is 256Kb.

For example, run ArtMoney and "Warcraft 3". Then, go to ArtMoney using Alt-Tab. Load the "Warcraft 3 hero" table. Use one of the commands to generate structures automatically and search in them from the currently open table. Select the "Search the structure of table" command from the menu if you want to create a structure from the entire table.

ArtMoney generates 'Warcraft 3' structure automatically. The structure contains skipped bytes between variables (unknown attributes of the hero). The size of this structure is 64 bytes.

Search for structures and their filtration are available only in ArtMoney Pro. Click "Search" to search for structures, select the search method - "Structure" and the name of your structure. Click 'OK'. Enter the values of the structure into the form that opens.

Click 'OK' to start.
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