Disassembler, debugger and breakpoints.

Click rigth mouse button on any found address and select in menu "Disassembler". Built-in debugger handles breakpoints. You can set debugger type in Options. You can set your breakpoint, and when the breakpoint is reached, the debugger breaks (stops to execute selected process). Breakpoint line is yellow in "Disassembler" and becīme red when the debugger breaks on this breakpoint. You can view registers and flags when debugger stops a process. Also you can edit registers and flags. In the bottom of form you can enter formula. For example, enter EDI+8, press "=" button and view a result. Select "Run" to resume debugging process execution or "Trace step" to cause stepping on debugging process. Stepping means executing just one more instruction. "Trace step Over" executes one line. If that line is a function call, the entire function is executed in one step. You can enable "Use module addressing" in Options or change assembly language type (32 or 64 bits). You can Save/Load debug information (breakpoints, your address names and etc). Click "In Excel" to open disassembler table in Excel.

You can set address name for any address. The address name will be displays in assembly instruction if you set "Use debug symbols" in Options. Click rigth mouse button on an address and select in menu "Set address name".

Select "Breakpoints list" in Disassembler menu. You can view all breakpoints. You can edit,delete, enable and disabled it.

Click on breakpoint to edit it. You can set conditions and changes for breakpoint. For conditions you can use all register, flags, brackets, AND OR operators and special name TID (Thread ID). Square brackets means need read/write memory. For example, [10000]=EAX means read memory from address 10000 and compare with EAX. Program detects type of value automatically. For example, [EDI]=1 it is 1 byte, [EDI]=0001 it is 2 bytes, [EDI]=000001 it is 4 bytes.

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