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 N DateGameEmulatorAuthor
22903/04/2010Pac-In-TimeZSnesW 1.51iddqd
23009/01/2005PagemasterSnes9X 1.42EuroR
23110/21/2006Phalanx The Enforce Fighter A144ZSnesW 1.42iddqd
23208/30/2005Phantom 2040Snes9X 1.42EuroR
23302/20/2007Pink Panther in Pink Goes to HollywoodZSnesW 1.42iddqd
23411/20/2009PinocchioZSnesW 1.51iddqd
23503/16/2004Pirates Of Dark WaterZSnesW 1.36Komyagin Nicolas
23607/14/2005Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureSnes9X 1.42EuroR
23703/04/2010PlokZSnesW 1.51iddqd
23812/12/2010Pocky & RockyZSnesW 1.51iddqd
23907/20/2009Pop'n TwinbeeZSnesW 1.51iddqd
24007/20/2009Pop'n Twinbee: Rainbow Bell AdventuresZSnesW 1.51iddqd
24112/08/2005Prehistorik ManSnes9X 1.42EuroR
24205/16/2007Prince of PersiaZSnesW 1.42iddqd
24305/16/2007Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and The FlameZSnesW 1.42iddqd
24411/20/2009Psycho DreamZSnesW 1.51iddqd

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