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 N DateGameEmulatorAuthor
209/13/2005Aaahh!!! Real MonstersSnes9X 1.42KostyaV
302/05/2007Acrobat MissionZSnesW 1.42iddqd
403/04/2010Action PachioZSnesW 1.51iddqd
509/12/2014ActRaiserZSnesW 1.51Lord13
612/23/2011Addams FamilyBsnes-SX2 v008iddqd
712/04/2006Adventures of Batman and RobinZSnesW 1.42iddqd
812/03/2009Adventures of Dr. FrankenZSnesW 1.51iddqd
901/22/2010Adventures of Kid KleetsZSnesW 1.51iddqd
1001/11/2007Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the SunZSnesW 1.42iddqd
1111/08/2008Aero FightersZSnesW 1.51iddqd
1202/08/2006Air CavalryZSnesW 1.42ArtMoney Team
1303/16/2004AirwolfZSnesW 1.36Komyagin Nicolas
1404/29/2010Al Unser Jr's Road to the TopZSnesW 1.51iddqd
1509/15/2005AladdinSnes9X 1.42KostyaV
1605/16/2007AlcahestZSnesW 1.42iddqd
1703/04/2010Alien 3ZSnesW 1.51iddqd
1812/03/2009Alien vs PredatorZSnesW 1.51iddqd
1910/21/2006Archer Maclean's DropzoneZSnesW 1.42iddqd
2002/11/2007Arcus SpiritsZSnesW 1.42iddqd
2104/29/2010Ardy LightfootZSnesW 1.51iddqd
2203/16/2004AsterixZSnesW 1.36Komyagin Nicolas
2308/27/2012Asterix and ObelixBSnes 0.91iddqd
2410/21/2006AxelayZSnesW 1.42iddqd

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